Your favourite destination when travelling is found in North Queensland’s premier tropical city…
Welcome to Coconut Glen Van Park
Enjoy all the North’s favourite activities from the comfort of your…
Villa Cabins - Studio Cabins - CMCA $Wise Sites (*Conditions apply) - Caravan Sites - Camping Sites
We provide quality accommodation options designed to suit your travelling needs!

At Coconut Glen we can offer you the best accommodation to suit your travelling budget and you will enjoy the friendly service from the team at Coconut Glen.

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Welcome to Townsville’s affordable Van Park and cabins

Coconut Glen Van Park Townsville

Phone: (07) 4774 5101
910 Ingham Road Townsville

We are a pet friendly park for responsible pet owners

*Conditions Apply for CMCA $Wise Sites. Members will receive a discount on the provision that they have a fully self-contained vehicle.


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